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The Senior Financial Accountant is responsible for analyzing, managing, and controlling all matters related to accounting and finance. This includes regulating and authenticating financial transactions, monitoring the company & departmental budgets, and keeping track for review & audit. The role also includes providing guidance and recommendations to optimize profitability.


  • Understand Falak’s mission, vision, values, and brand;
  • Verify, allocate, post, and reconcile accounts payable and receivable;
  • Produce accounting reports and present their results;
  • Analyze financial information and summarize financial status;
  • Provide guidance and suggestions on ways to improve efficiency and spending;
  • Report any errors, issues, and/or gaps that might impact negatively the financial status of the project, department, and/or company;
  • Handle employee payroll and other financials such as bonuses, expenses, end of service, and so on;
  • Support the HR department in creating a salary scale for employees and new hires;
  • Use MS or other programs to monitor, track, and manage financials;
  • Support departments to create yearly budgets;
  • Prepare financial statements;
  • Assist with audits;
  • Support month-end and year-end close processes;
  • Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls;
  • Ensure compliance with Saudi Law;
  • Guide junior accountants and support them in the learning process;
  • Support other departments, as needed;
  • Manage the department’s budget and profitability;
  • Create reports, presentations, and other documents as required;
  • Support other departments, as needed;

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A hybrid between a business accelerator, coworking space, and angel investment firm. A hub for those who believe they can change the world, help thrive a nation, and rise to their personal limitless potential. Falak offers an environment where individual potentials are exceeded through treating the business hub as a diversified portfolio containing 45% accelerator-stage businesses, 20% incubator stage business, and 35% freelancers accepted in Falak according to the needs of the accelerator-stage businesses.

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