Savola Foods Company

Savola Foods Company

Savola Foods Company

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Alongside Savola Retail, Savola Foods is one of our two flagship companies whose role is to manage our investments in our core business sectors


As of 2015, Savola Foods owns operations in seven countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Sudan), and manages a broad portfolio of B2C food brands. These are mainly household staples such as edible oil, sugar, pasta and ghee, and many of these brands are market leaders in multiple countries. Three decades of investment mean that output is higher today than ever before. Customer loyalty and market leadership saw Savola Foods achieve total sales volume including the exports 1.6 million tons of edible oil, 2.2 million tons of sugar and 279,336 tons of pasta in 2019.
We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we are also working hard to safeguard our future growth levels. That is why we have devised a detailed roadmap to guide Savola Foods towards higher-value product categories and markets with untapped potential..

Savola Foods is the company we trust to produce and market our brands and products in approximately 50 countries of the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey) region.

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