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    You will work closely with different teams across the company to define and tackle focused as well as open-ended problems, own data accessibility by empowering teams to become data-driven and own data integrity & governance.

    In the process, you will:

    • Embark on exploratory data analysis projects to achieve a better understanding of phenomena as well as to discover untapped areas of growth and optimization.

    • Help define and track the appropriate key metrics for specific projects.

    •  Transforming raw data into business context by building dashboards, reports and communicating key insights.

    • Act as a liaison between data engineering and business functions, providing the right business perspective to data engineering in matters related to data acquisition & data modeling.

    • Good problem-solving skills with emphasis on data analytics and continuous monitoring.

    • Data warehouse related responsibilities, include: plan, create, deploy and monitor the data warehouses.


    The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, results-focused, outcome-driven, and problem-solving who takes full ownership of their work

     In particular, the requirements are:

    • 3+ years of experience as a data analyst or business data analyst.

    • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science or other related disciplines.

    • Good statistical analysis skills in exploratory Data Analysis, descriptive, behavioral, predictive analytics(optional).  

    • A strong drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques.

    • An understanding of databases and SQL/Hive language.

    • Programming skills for data manipulation, Python

    • Expert in data analysis and visualization (Tableau is preferred).

    • Ability to document processes, and transfer knowledge to team members.

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