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    Thriftplan is a FinTech startup setting out to transform the social security system of the MENA starting with KSA!

    Be part of the journey to make a difference in the community and support our clients to become the employer of choice within our region by providing Employer Sponsored Employee’s Saving Program.

    But we need your help!

    We are looking for an account executive with experience in promoting financial services and managing corporate accounts to deliver high quality service, increased awareness, sustainable value and help us promote our mission to transform the region.

    We expect the responsibilities to include:

    • Align Thriftplan's capabilities to the client’s business goals and objectives at all levels, from senior executives to employees

    • Mapping out leads, engaging in pre sales, demo of platform and customized needs for organization’s objectives in order to close an enterprise client 

      • Tracking funnel effectively through CRM and/or other tools

      • Reporting to executive team on pipeline 

      • Documenting feedback from clients and sharing with management 

    • Assist in onboarding of clients (customized needs, negotiating commercial terms, relaying user DOA and internal criteria, working with ThriftPlan teams to onboard the client and test the account)

      • Arrange for education sessions with employees of the corporate (if needed)

      • Develop and sustain relationships with clients at all levels, such that our solutions and services become, and are recognised as strategic to the client

      • Ensure that the value of our solutions are clearly understood and effectively communicated to all appropriate executives and personnel in the client organisation

      • Documenting needs of clients and issues faced, and communicating this with management 

    • Attending events where necessary to represent ThriftPlan within the startup and Fintech ecosystem 

    • Competitor mapping and insights (knowing competing players, differentiation in offer, clients targeted and pricing)

    • Identify other business opportunities within the ecosystem where Thriftplan's solutions may add value.

    • Provide feedback to the Thrift Plan management on client current and future needs, client feedback on platform services

    • Working on referral partnerships with strategic organizations like banks and financial institutions or fund managers, that can act as placement or referral agents for ThirftPlan to have a wider distribution channel 

    • Build up the business development department i.e. support to hire junior account executives, onboard and train and put systems in place to track efficiency 

    A successful individual would be:

    • Holding a University Degree in Finance or related subjects

    • Post graduate qualifications is advantageous but not required

    • Able to communicate articulately in both English and Arabic

    • Compelling in presentation and communication skills

    • Experienced in closing deals and managing pipeline 

    • Execute effective negotiation strategies and plans

    • Passionate, see ahead clearly; able to learn quickly and think independently to adapt as required

    • Ability to work with fast paced teams

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Thriftplan is an administrator of 401K themed saving solutions, connecting employers, employees and financial entities.
We set out to make Social Security accessible and understandable for everyone.