A: You need to register on Ns3a.com as a career seeker and fill all the registration steps (Your Past, Your Potential, Your Future) to be able to apply for vacancies.

A: If you have been selected by the company or recruiter, you will be contacted within a short timeframe by either email or telephone to schedule a job interview and continue the steps of the hiring process.

A: If you have been shortlisted from the company or recruiter, you will be notified via email and you will get an updated status on your Career Seekers dashboard. Typically, you should hear back from the company or the recruiter one to two weeks after shortlisting you.

A: Since Ns3a is a 21st century AI recruitment platform, we believe that your CV can never do you justice. Through the Personality Characteristics Scale, Ns3a gets to showcase your personality and turn it into an algorithmic match with every company you want to apply to your advantage as a career seeker.

A: Ns3a wants to empower every career seeker to not only find a job, but to also be in the right environment and in the right position. You can benefit from Ns3a’s algorithms by seeing your personality match with every company culture you are applying to, and with every vacancy requirements you are applying to.

A: Your current skills are the skills you currently have, and your future skills are the skills you want to develop in yourself in the future.

Since we live in an age where skills matter more than certificates, Ns3a wants to help and direct you to develop yourself. Ns3a will send you learning materials and online courses that interest you according to your future skills so you can continuously learn and expand your current skills.

A: The simple answer is: as often as you achieve! When you attain a new skill, add a new current skill or move any of the lists in your future skills to your current skills.

A: Every time you make a new connection, find a job, finish an online course to develop yourself from Ns3a’s recommendations.

A: First step is registering your company on Ns3a. After you have a company profile, you can then go to the Vacancies page on your Career Provider’s dashboard and click Add a Vacancy.

A: Since one of the primary reasons for turnover is a lack of a personality/culture fit between the company and the job seeker, Ns3a wants to give every recruiter and company an advantage by seeing their company culture match with the personality of every candidate that applies in advance so we can empower you to make the right hiring decisions.

A: Ns3a wants to empower every company to make the right hiring decisions and build efficient teams. In order to do that, Ns3a built algorithms using artificial intelligence to rank candidates based on the best fit first and based on their minimum qualifications match.

A: Ns3a has 3 packages for SMEs and 1 Partners package for large companies. The SME packages were designed to accommodate every SMEs hiring needs and growth regardless of their size.

  • Micro enterprises (less than 10 employees) —> Step Package

  • Small enterprises (10-49 employees) ——> Jump Package

  • Medium enterprises (50-249 employees) ——> Scale Package

  • Large enterprises (250+ employees) ——> Partners Package

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