Publish A Job On Ns3a

How to publish a job on ns3a?

Publish A Job On Ns3a



1- Post a job

  • Click "Add a Job"
  • The three steps must be completed: details, job scale, vacancy questions
  • In the Job title field, you can type the title or choose from the list we provided
  • If you choose the job description from the list, the fields will be filled in automatically
  • You can modify the job description field
  • Write down the number of vacancies
  • Determine the level of employment
  • Select the type of employment
  • Determine the tasks required for the job
  • Type in Salary Range (this field is optional but the job that provides Salary Range on the site gets the highest applicants)
  • Select the country
  • Select the city
  • Select location from map (not required in remote work)
  • Determine the minimum years of experience
  • Select the required educational major
  •  You can select many majors, and a student of one of these majors will be matched with your jobs
  • Select the required degree
  • Determine the skills required
  • Identify secondary skills This is not a mandatory step
  • Add the required languages
  • For each language specify a minimum proficiency level
  • Click (Next) to go to the next step
  • Click (Save as draft) if you want to save edits and continue later


2- Job scale

  • The job scale helps to understand your ideal candidate personality When a job vacancy is filled the scale is linked to the candidate personalities to provide perfect match results
  • There will be 9 personality traits, select the importance level to have a candidate with this trait from 5 to 1 (from important to not important)
  • Click (Next) to go to the next step
  • Click (Save as draft) if you want to save your edits and continue later


3- Vacancy questions

  • Applicants will be asked questions when applying for the vacancy
  • All questions will be mandatory to answer when applying for the job
  • You can add multiple vacancy questions
  • Type your question
  • Select Question Type (Essay, Multiple Choice, Yes / No)
  • Select a number of options for the MC questions
  • You can put the question in the calculation to determine the ratio by operating the button
  • Set the matching percentage next to each choice to get the best matching result (how important the answer is)

Note: Editing of questions after publication causes answers to be lost early of those who answered before editing 

  • Click (Post) to post the job
  • Click (Save as draft) if you want to save edits and continue later



4- Job management:

  • Go to your company's dashboard
  • From the navigation sidebar, go to 'Jobs and Candidates'

  • You will find all your jobs (open, closed and draft)

  • From (Administration) you can edit, close, extend, and repost jobs

  • By clicking (Candidates), you can move to the candidates panel

  • From "Statistics" you can see job analyzes (views, matched percentages, ...)


5- Jobs Analytics

  • Go to your company dashboard
  • From the side navigation bar, go to (Jobs and Candidates)
  • Go to the job you want to manage
  • Go to "Statistics"
  • Here you can track applicants for your jobs
  • You will find a real-time report of your jobs



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