How Prepare for an interview 101

You have an upcoming interview? Ns3a will help get ready for it with flying colors!

How Prepare for an interview 101

How to prepare for an interview 101? 


Preparing for an interview is quite important as it is the first impression that you will make on your possible future employer. You have to keep in mind your body language, attitude, questions…etc all will play a role in determining if you are right for the role or not. But do not worry ns3a will tell you all that you need to know in this article. 


1- research about the company 

The employer will most likely ask you what do you know about the company, and why you decided to apply for them. Do your research in advance try to learn more about the company’s industry their vision and mission and their achievements and tailor it to your own goals. 


2- make sure you know the place in advance 

There is nothing worst than being lost and stuck in traffic on your interview day! If your interview is face to face, make sure you know where it is at least the day before. And leave early to get there as you may never know what might happen. Being punctual leaves a good first impression. 


3- ASK Ask ask!

The interviewer will most likely as you in the end of the interview if you have any questions, always say yes! Prepare your questions in advance, you can ask about the job responsibilities, the company’s goal in the next 5 years…etc.


4- be aware of your body language 

Sit in a straight position, look into the interviewer’s eyes and not the floor. Avoid any leg shaking or nail biting. The more confident you look the more it will increase your chances of getting the job. 


5- take your time in answering the questions

You don’t have to answer right away. Take few moments to think about the answer and then answer it. 


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