Create your Company’s Page on Ns3a

How to create my company’s page?

Create your Company’s Page on Ns3a

Create your company page:



1- Registration:

  • Click the "Join us" button to register
  • Choose “Recruiter”
  • Enter all required information and click on the Register button

Confirm your account information with an e-mail that was sent to you (check junk mail if it is not found)


2- Your Company Page:

  • Enter the company name, code, size, country and city
  • Choose company field 
  • Upload the company logo on ns3a 
  • Write a description of your company
  • Click on "Add Member" if you want to add someone from a team, and enter the person’s email address and category.

(You must enter all the data required and confirm your email)

start your journey with ns3a)



3- Invite a team member:

  • Go to company settings
  • Click on the "Team Members" button
  • Click the "Add Member" button
  • Type in the email of the member you want to add
  • Click on "Send Invitation"
  • The member will receive an email with the registration link (the link will expire in 3 days)


If the link has expired, you can resend another link by clicking "Resend" next to the member's email 



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