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  • Employment Type

    Full Time

  • Employment Level

    Senior Level

  • Job function

    Creative Arts and Design

  • Job description

    Scope: The specialist will develop and create visual storytelling across multiple platforms, using both photography and videography to promote, engage, and entertain.


    1. Video Pre-Production:

    a. Gather and propose ideas and topics for video

    b. Set and maintain a production schedule prior to shoot

    c. Assist in the content development and message strategy

    2. Field Video Production:

    a. Records material for content using professional equipment

    b. Follows revisions as needed

    c. Sets up shoot including lighting, sound and other technical details

    3. Video Postproduction Skills:

    a. Performs editing using Final Cut or Adobe Premiere software

    b. Prepare video for multi-media formats including web, social media, and other platforms

    This description is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and levels of work difficulty that will be required of this position and shall not be construed as declaring what the specific duties and responsibilities.

    Miscellaneous Duties:

    1. Stay current on the latest video trends and use the medium

    2. Coordinate and manage media assets

    3. Be a collaborative and contributing member of the INVENU team

    4. Performs other duties as assigned

    5. Lead INVENU shows and podcast


    • Three or more years of experience in videography & photography.

    • Experience with advanced multimedia storytelling techniques on multiple platforms

    • Exceptional core video editing skills, including a high command of video, sound, camera, lights,

    • computers and software used to produce visual and audio content are required.

    • Knowledge of social media and how to engage audiences on digital platforms in the public space is essential to this role.

    • The Videographer must demonstrate a high command of video techniques through sophisticated craftsmanship.

    • Excellent technical knowledge in video & photo equipment

    Physical Characteristics:

    This position requires sitting for long periods of time, as well as some bending and stooping when filming and working with files. This position does have some limited lifting involved but not more than 20 pounds at a time. Quite a bit of finger/hand dexterity is involved in regards to operating cameras, typing, and/or filing. The overall setting of the job is in an area conducive to a normal office environment with minimal exposure to adverse conditions.

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Minimum Job Requirements

Required Education

Bachelor Degree
in one of there majors:
Advertising and Marketing Communications
Direction and Design

Minimum years of experience

1-3 Years of experience in Creative Arts and Design

Required skills

create a shooting script
remove photographic film from camera

Secondary Skills


Required Languages

English - Advanced



Creative Arts and Design , Hospitality and Event Management , Information Technology , Marketing, Advertising and PR


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

NO. of employees


Company description

An ideation design company that addresses your deepest needs by using a systematic, iterative design thinking process